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Our famous Belfast Murals Black Taxi cab tour has been featured by America’s most respected authority on European travel, Rick Steves, on his show and his most recent book “Rick Steves Europe”. Check out the video of Rick featuring Cab Tours Belfast.


Belfast Murals Tour

Our most popular Black Taxi Cab tour is the Belfast Murals Tour. This is a political tour of West Belfast’s Shankill Road and Falls Road. The tour begins in the back of the Black Taxi Cab. Your Black Taxi Cab Tours Belfast guide will give you background information about ‘The Troubles’ in Northern Ireland.

You will then make your way along the Loyalist Shankill Road, Republican Falls Road and the ‘Peace Walls’ that separate them. Your guide explains the history of each and the stories behind the murals you will see. You will have time to take souvenir photos and ask any burning questions about the tour.


Shankill Road

Your Belfast Murals Tour begins in the Shankill Road area of Belfast which is  (Protestant/British), where your Black Taxi Cab driver will explain a detailed history of the area.  We begin in 1690, when King William the 3rd arrived in Ireland to defeat King James the 2nd at the famous Battle Of The Boyne. There will then be an explanation about the recent troubles, which started in 1969 and ended when the peace agreement was signed in 1998.

You will go for a short walk around the area, where your black taxi cab driver will explain the loyalist wall murals and what they represent. You will have the opportunity to take your own photographs of the Belfast murals.

Peace Walls

The peace walls were designed to separate the Catholic (Nationalist) and Protestant (Unionist) populations in Belfast. The first ‘peace lines’ were erected, following the outbreak of violence in 1969 in Northern Ireland.

They were built as temporary structures, meant to last only six months.  Due to their effective nature they were built higher, longer and made permanent and are still here today. The peace walls are adorned with art and messages of hope from tourists.

Falls Road

You will visit  Clonard Martyrs Memorial garden in Bombay Street in the black taxi cab tour. Bombay Street in  Belfast is where some say the modern troubles began, when Catholics were burnt out of their homes.  This is also where the Provisional IRA was formed. Each section of this garden will be explained in detail and the reasons it exists.

The next stop on the tour will be Sinn Fein press office, which is the site of the iconic Bobby Sands mural. You will hear about the history of the Irish hunger strike in the Maze Prison in 1981.

The International Wall

The final stop will be the International Wall, where you will see a variety of different murals. The murals have a general theme of ‘highlighting oppression’ –  from the race riots in America in 1969 to current events in Palestine.

Youtube Documentary

Watch one of our drivers in the following Youtube video, made by a tourist filming a documentary. Here you can see what it’s like to experience the Cab Tours Belfast Black Taxi Mural Tour.


Helena - Tripadvisor

Absolute Must! We did many things in Belfast and this was by far my favourite. The history of the troubles was way more than a history book every told. We had Isaac giving us the tour and the amount of knowledge he had, along with his friendly and welcoming manner, made it all the more enjoyable! Amazing tour, would highly recommend!

Bethany - Tripadvisor

Great tour would really recommend as it gave a good insight into the troubles and more giving us a really good understanding of what went on. Pody our tour guide was really friendly and knowledgeable making the experience even more memorable

Bernsy - Tripadvisor

Stevie our tour guide was amazing. Such a wealth of knowledge. Gave a great insight and tour of Belfast and its history. A must do tour if you are ever in Belfast.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does this tour cost?

Prices start from £37 for 1 – 2 people.

How do I pay?

For peace of mind, you can request an invoice to pay in advance. You can also pay with cash on the day of your tour. The choice is yours.

How long does the Belfast Mural Tour last?

The Belfast Political Mural Tour typically lasts for 90 minutes.

Are the cabs wheelchair friendly?

Yes, wheelchair friendly cabs are available. If you have any additional needs, please make us aware at the time of booking. Cabs can take up to 8 passengers.

Where are the pickup and drop off points?

We can collect you and drop you off at your hotel, cruise ship or at various locations in Belfast. Please inform us of your preference at the time of booking.

*Additional fee required for locations outside of Belfast City centre