Darki Hughes-The Dark
Darki Hughes-The Dark
Published: 4 Feb, 2019

This mural can be found on the International Wall Falls Road Belfast

Brendan ‘Darkie’ Hughes –.

The Dark Born:16.10.48 Died: 16.02.08 

(60 years old) Officer in Command- Belfast Brigade Provisional Irish Republican Army 

Brendan joined the IRA in 1969 believing he would be protecting his community from Loyalist mobs. These groups had been burning Catholic families from their homes. He did not trust the police to protect the Catholic families. 

He became a very active member of the IRA.He was known to have carried out many attacks against the British Army.  In 1980 Hughes was imprisoned in Longkesh. Whilst in prison he started the first hunger strike for the IRA to be recognised as political prisoners.

Brendan thought he had secured a deal with the British Government only to be let down. Bobby Sands started the second hunger strike.   In the later years he became critical of Sinn Fein leadership. Brendan believed Sinn Fein had moved away from helping the working class and turned their views towards middle class people. He believed that this was not what Sinn Fein stood for when he first joined the IRA.  To this day a lot of Republicans, young and old, still recognise the part Hughes played for the people of the Falls Road and for the fight for Irish unity for a United Ireland.


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